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Helps You Build Company Brand

Employer Branding

Imagine when your HR people advertise "We prefer job candidates with IITTI certification"

It shows your company cares about people skills. It boosts your employer branding.

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Company Brand

Also, imagine if you can tell your customers something like "25% of our staff are IITTI-recognized!"

Again, it shows your company cares about people skills. It distinguishes your company brand.

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What would an ISO-certification do for your company brand? Think of IITTI as "ISO for soft skills"!

How much would your company put a worth on etiquette, decorum or civility at the office?

Your company is constantly being judged by the public in what you do and say. It is not just the features or the price, but how customers feel about you. By hiring people who have the initiatives to go through etiquette training and take the industry-standard IITTI certification exam, you can ensure you have found talents who understand the importance of good manners as a critical skill in the work place. It helps you raise the quality of the people joining your team.

A standardized certification system affords efficiency; your HR department needs to be acquainted with just a single set of criteria. Furthermore, HR doesn't have to second-guess what a job applicant's etiquette credentials mean. It puts everybody "on the same page", so to speak. It avoids confusions.

We have set up an online verification system so that you can check a job applicant's certificate quickly -- no more misrepresentations. Better yet, it is free.

IITTI is an open standard; which means the requirements of this standard are open for all image and etiquette schools to obtain. Any image consulting school can readily download the standard and build their training program towards this standard. This ensures a potentially large pool of IITTI graduates for you to hire from.