Sample IITTI certificate. Each student has a unique ID. Employers can independently verify each certificate on this IITTI website.

Sample résumé. Students can include their IITTI user ID on their résumé so that employers can independently verify their credentials.

Here is a sample résumé excerpt that you can use:

Here are two sizes of the logo that you can use in your résumé:
Regular size (343 x 160 pixels) logo (for web page use)

Hi Def (for printing) (2500 x 1100 pixels) (122kB) logo

Here is a super-hi-definition logo for banners, large billboards:
Super Hi Def (for banners) (20,000 x 7600 pixels) (1.5MB) logo

Sample exam passes. Each student buys an exam pass and enter into his/her account in order to take the exam.

Sample reading ticket. Each student buys a reading ticket and enters into his/her account in order to read an article each day.

  Sample of what employers can see. Try it at: Show credential