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AICI Malaysia Chapter Talks about IITTI

Mar 11, 2015

Getting hired starts with making the right first impression

An international soft skills certificate is available for job seekers in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Mar 11, 2015: Job seekers in Malaysia are frustrated. Many complain they aren't being hired or promoted when they think they are qualified and deserving. Candidates think all employers want are people with the needed skills. However, employers say the candidates are missing a key component - formal interview presentation. That's where IITTI, the Institute of Image Training and Testing International's certification can make sense for HR Managers and some job seekers.

The Association of Image Consultants International, Inc. (AICI) Malaysia Chapter President Josephine Lui said she is constantly being asked hiring and promotion questions. In 2014, she headed an inquiry into the IITTI testing and certification system for university students, job seekers, and employees of multinationals. IITTI provides certification and testing on the global standards of professional image and etiquette such as interview communication and professional appearance.

"It surprised me when I conducted the Self-Test from IITTI to my many multi-national companies prior to my image and grooming classes that the highest score was only six out of ten" said Lui. "Hence, opportunities for improvement are vast and IITTI is a great platform to train and enhance the level of image skills of job seekers."

AICI Malaysia Chapter on IITTI Josephine Lui, president of AICI Malaysia Chapter

The test results give human resource managers concrete results to assess the job applicants in the level of personal appearance, professional behaviour and business communication. Job seekers and students will have a leg up - both on the initial interview and while on the job - by adopting specific behaviours taught: proper appearance, professional manners and effective communication.

For more information about the IITTI tests and certification, contact AICI Malaysia Chapter President Josephine Lui at or IITTI at