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IITTI in Chile: Flexible, yet Secure

Dec 10, 2015

How would you allow maximum flexibility? How about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)? And exam on premise?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

The IITTI exam now allows students to use their own laptops. And the exam can even be conducted at the trainer's classroom so students don't have to travel far.

Take a look at what they are doing in Santiago, Chile.
IITTI Exam in Chile Lilian Bustamante of Desarrollo Profesional e Imagen Personal (DPIP) helps delivering IITTI Exam right on her premise in Santiago, Chile.
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For security, all exam sessions are video-taped, and students are required to speak directly into the camera before the exam to identify themselves. Not only that, each student gets a different exam so they cannot compare answers.

What's next in Santiago, Chile?

Lilian Bustamante, AICI CIP, with her company Desarrollo Profesional e Imagen Personal (DPIP) of Chile, will, again, be offering a train-the-trainer program with an IITTI component in 2016.

IITTI training Chile 2016
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To get the full story, contact Lilian Bustamante at Lilian Bustamante

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