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HR: Would Company Culture Make a Difference?

Apr 14, 2017

It is sad to see employees at United Airlines "followed the book" but threw civility (and wisdom) out the window!

This kind of behavior stems from an ingrained company culture, lacking the habits of the most basic business etiquette in courtesy and decorum (also known as soft skills).

Some may argue it is because airline staff are over-worked and constantly having to deal with irate passengers, but regardless, a good company needs to be very careful nowadays, as one incident like this can ruin the brand and reputation that took years to build.

What can HR do?

The brand that acts with the most soft skills under the most stressful situations wins!

Company culture is shaped by the soft skills in everyday practice. So a good way to build company culture is by recruiting people who already took the initiative to be trained in soft skills. And the way to know if a job candidate has gone through such training is by asking for the universal, open-standard IITTI certification.

While soft skills training should be an on-going endeavor, this one line is a super inexpensive way to start improving your company culture. Zero training budget! Zero employees' time off for training!

Better yet, contact your local certified image consultant who specializes in holding public workshops for IITTI training. Let her know your company gives preference to IITTI certificate-holders. An easy way to enhance your employer branding!

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